Talks Available Online
TED Talks – A good great collection of meaningful talks available online.
Creative Leadership Summit – Another great collection of presentations.
Consciousness Media Network – Perspectives on consciousness, spirituality, mind-body medicine.
Online Documentaries – A collection of interesting documentaries covering a range of perspectives.
Creativity and Consciousness Links
Center for Consciousness Studies – Organizers of the Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference.
Roots of Consciousness – Book online by Jeffrey Mishlove.
David Chalmer’s Site – A good collection of reference materials on the philosophy of mind.
Steve Lehar’s Site – An interesting perspective on visual perception.

Peter Russell’s Site – Another collection of great resources.
No Beliefs – This is an interesting article on beliefs and the problems that can arise from belief.
Education and the Significance of Life – This is a great book that is available online.
Big View – A good collection of articles including a great "history" of philosophy of mind.
Counterbalance – A good mix of articles on science, religion, ethics, and philosophy.
Emotions – A great site on mind-body connection and emotions.
Presocratics – I’m a big fan of the Phusikoi.
Digital Entertainment Links
HKDEA – The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association.
Gamasutra – This website has a lot of great articles that span game development, from technology to design to management and the business aspects.
Gamedev – Another great website with game development resources.
Lucid Platform – This is our game development platform.
Kung-fu Motion Synthesis – Our work in motion blending and motion synthesis.
Raph Koster’s Site – Raph has a lot of interesting articles related to game design, particularly massively multimplayer online games.
Journal of Game Development – An academic journal on Game Development published by Charles River Media.
Semiotics for Beginners – A book available online on Semiotics.
Engadget – This site and Gizmodo present the latest gadgets on the market.
I check Bluesnews and Voodoo Extreme for the latest in game development news.
I love the arts and enjoy media. Here are a few media works that I personally find meaningful:
Qatsi trilogy – The Qatsi trilogy represents three films, Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi (Hopi indian words meaning "Life out of balance," "Life based upon the suffering of others," and "Life as a continual state of war" respectively) which combine images by Godfrey Reggio and music by Philip Glass. Great films. Great music. Great performance (Philip Glass also performs the music live to the images projected).
Baraka – This is a non-verbal film in the same vein as the Qatsi trilogy (Ron Frick who made Baraka was the DP for Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqatsi). Though the film doesn’t have a score by Philip Glass (who also has a great body of work), it is "up" vs. the Qatsi trilogy which can feel "down." For more info about non-verbal films of this genre, check out this site. It is a stunning piece of work shot in 70mm. There is also a nice book that includes still shots. I watch this film at least twice a year.
Dark Side of the Moon – Sure, thisis a popular album (one of the most popular in history), but have you taken the time to read the lyrics? The music can be "heavy," but there is another album, "Dub Side of the Moon," that uses the same melodies and lyrics, but is a lot "lighter."
A Love Supreme – Another classic instrumental album that needs to be heard.
Asadoya Yunta – I’ve always been a Ryuichi Sakamoto fan. This song and the theme to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence are personal favorites.
Passion – This is an incredible instrumental album that I used to listen to almost on daily basis when I was in graduate school.
Heart of the Matter – A classic love song.
Come What May – Another love song that also reminds me of my feelings for my wife.
But Not Tonight – This song captures the joy of being alive.
Imagine – Some say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

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