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Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Self Discovery

Toolkit for Effective Engagement and Understanding

For entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and professionals that are committed to their work and their family while engaging in personal interests and self development, maintaining a balanced life is a constant struggle. Competing demands for our time and energies tears at the psyche. Pushed to the extreme, something (our personal relationships, our intended career path, or our health) breaks.By understanding the relationship between the stories that occupy our minds the emotions that drive our actions, and the physiological processes that underpin these emotions, we can better appreciate and understand the dynamics of our life. The more one understands one’s self, the easier it becomes to empathise with others.

Empathy is essential for our personal relationships, in the leadership of a team or organisation, and in engaging with investors or clients. True success in life isn’t about what you know, but how you engage and inspire others.
Join us for a two-day experiential workshop that will apply the latest findings into the relationship between mind, body, and emotion. The workshop is based upon his research in consciousness and the Recovering Creativity subject he developed and has taught for the past ten years at the postgraduate level.

The content draws from neuroscience, developmental and humanistic psychology, phenomenology, epistemology, and Eastern practices and presented in a way that is directly applicable to every-day living. The materials presented facilitate personal exploration toward reframing worldview. Skills acquired will help participants navigate their relationships, both personal and professional in the context of the stories that drive their lives.

People said…

“ I met Gino in 2013. He’s been an great mentor, teacher and friend. He’s always an inspiration and keeps you questioning your purpose and potential.”

– Jason Swamy, Co-Founder of Further Future and Wonderfruit

“ Gino’s model of entrepreneurship and psychology is one of the most profound and actionable models I’ve ever experienced. Gino’s workshop profoundly changed how I view the world and my life trajectory. Gino’s workshop upgraded my entrepreneurship OS and profoundly changed how I live my life. I highly recommend for anyone interested in exploring the integration of wisdom with intelligence, technology, and innovation.”

– Josh Stroud

“Gino is an irrepressible force of nature – a deep ray of sunshine illuminating what seems obvious when pointed out. He distills an essence of spirituality that is simple and devoid of bullshit, and he shows how to apply simple lessons to radically shift viewpoints to improve daily life, and work. Spend time with him – it will be some of the best investment of time you have ever spent.”

– Richard Hanbury, Founder of SANA UK Ltd.

“Gino has always been willing ears to listen and offer help while inspiring me with thoughts and ideas that are provocative and mind-indulging. The workshop gave me a chance to not only hear Gino’s ideas but also to see how he uses his ideas to invigorate a group of curious and intelligent minds. It was enjoyable both from a participant’s and also an observer’s perspectives.”

– Alexis Wong, Chairwoman of AGI Avant Inc.

Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • Existence and reality
  • Communicating experience
  • The influence of thought on the physiology
  • Processing this moment (Thought vs. presence)
  • Not knowing – exploring presence

Day 2

  • Trauma and behavior
  • Inter-relationship
  • Peak performance & transformation
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Existence and reality

Book Yours

The BE Hive
27-28 October
10am – 5pm

6427 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California

Sofia University Meadow Circle, Palo Alto
  16 October
1pm – 4pm

1069 East Meadow Circle
Palo Alto, CA 94303

The Alchemist Kitchen
2 November
7pm – 9pm

21 East 1st Street
New York

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  • 14-16/10 TransTech Conference @ Sofia University, Palo Alto, California, United States
  • 19-23/10 Science & Non-Duality Conference @ Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, California, United States

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